One of the busiest times of year for hunger-fighting organizations is Thanksgiving Day. Unfortunately, many coordinators are forced to decline the help of well-intentioned individuals due to the high number of volunteers. This holiday season, help make the holiday brighter by donating your time and talents to various charitable organizations.


Through crowdfunding, individuals can make a difference in the world by donating their time and talents to various charitable organizations. Physically challenged people can also use this convenient and effective fundraising method. Crowdfunding is a relatively new type of fundraising that involves asking many people to contribute small amounts of money to a project. Numerous online platforms make it easy to start and manage a campaign.

Feed Families

Thanksgiving Day can be a stressful time for many households in the US. According to a report released by the USDA, around 34 million people live in food-insecure homes. You can help these individuals and their families by donating meals through local community outreach programs or churches.

Nursing Home Volunteer

Some nursing home residents spend the holidays with their families or friends. However, for those who have nowhere to go, visiting can be a great way to brighten their day. Contact the facility to make your visit a success and ask about its hours. In addition to listening to music or watching a movie, you can also help keep the residents engaged by planning activities.

Donate Blood

The American Red Cross states that someone in the country needs blood every two seconds. You can still become a Donor Ambassador if you can’t give blood. This individual will be able to help spread the word about the organization’s services by greeting members of the community and providing them with snacks after donating.

Investigate What’s Needed

Feeding the hungry is a year-round job for many organizations, such as shelters and soup kitchens. These organizations typically need extra help during Thanksgiving, though it is not always the case. If you plan on volunteering this holiday season, it’s essential to consider the needs of the organization you’ll be working for. Usually, charitable organizations prefer to receive cash donations or supplies over labor.