The holidays are that time of the year when families get together, friends cherish their time with each other, and local communities pool resources to help those in need. According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics, almost half of those that responded donated more during the holidays. 

However, while the holidays are traditionally that time of the year when we give the most – there’s no rule saying that this is the only time when donations are acceptable. Those in need are still very much present during the rest of the year.

It’s time to take that wonderful feeling and aid that is holiday giving – and stretch it year-round. Here are some simple ways to do so.

Volunteer All Year

It really can feel wonderful to step up and volunteer for a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving. But there are still three hundred and sixty-four other days of the year where volunteers are needed. The sad truth is that Thanksgiving is the one day of the year soup kitchens don’t need help – they have too many volunteers. Yet, they struggle the rest of the year.

This is simply one example. It doesn’t have to be a soup kitchen! It can be any charity or organization that you support. The point is to help out all year, rather than around the holidays. 


When it comes to donating, there are two significant ways to go about giving back. One could donate money – or things. For example, it is common to see people donating books they no longer need or want to schools, libraries, and other programs that will help get those books in the hands of those that need them.

Look at it this way – many families have a tradition of ‘adopting’ another family during the holidays. This means that they buy all sorts of gifts for that family, knowing they can’t do so themselves. Why not add to this idea by sponsoring a homeless child with their education? Many children cannot afford their own school supplies and some programs that help bridge this gap. 

Organize Charity and Blood Drives

Organizing a drive is a huge undertaking, yet it can also positively impact the community. One way to help give back outside of the holidays is by organizing a charity or blood drive. Medical supplies, food, and blood are needed year-round, and events such as these make a difference.