When looking to donate money or time to a charity, there are many things to consider. Unfortunately, not all charities are created equal. Some may have inefficient management or use most of their donations on administrative costs. So how do you choose the right charity to support? Here are factors to consider:

The Charity’s Mission

When looking at a charity, the first thing you should consider is its mission. What cause does the charity support? Make sure the charity’s mission is something you believe in and are passionate about.

You can also research how efficiently the charity uses its donations to achieve its goals. Some charities have low administrative costs while others do not. Be sure to research this before donating.

The Charity’s Size

Don’t forget to consider the charity’s size. Some charities are small and may not be able to handle a large influx of donations. Others are large and have more resources to put towards their mission.

Consider how much money you want or can donate, as well as how involved you want to be with the charity. If you’re going to be more hands-on, then a smaller charity may better fit you. But if you don’t have the time to get involved with the charity, then a larger one may be a better option.

The Charity’s Location

Another thing to consider is the charity’s location. Are they based in your local community, or are they international? If you want your donation to stay within your local community, choose a charity based there. However, if you’re going to help those in need worldwide, then an international charity may be a better choice.

Just be sure to research the charity’s country of operation and how efficiently they are helping those in need. Some charities may not be as effective when working in other countries.

The Charity’s Transparency

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a charity is transparency. Can you quickly find information about where their money goes and how they spend it?

Charity Watch is a watchdog organization that rates charities based on financial transparency. They have a list of top-rated charities that you can browse on their website.

If you can’t find adequate information about the charity online, then it’s best to move on and find another one.


When choosing a charity to support, be sure to consider the above factors. Do your research and ensure the charity is transparent and efficient in its operations. Then you can feel good about donating your time or money to them.