There are infinite ways a person can make a difference in their community. They can pick up trash, donate, participate in fundraisers, and countless other items. Some chosen acts take more commitment than others. Such as joining a nonprofit board.

Joining the board of directors for a nonprofit is not always an easy feat, but it is gratifying and can leave a lasting impression on the community. It is a great way to become more active within a community while utilizing your skills. 

Questions to Ask Before Joining

The first step in this journey requires the potential volunteer to decide what nonprofit they want to work for. Know what sort of causes you want to support before reaching out. It also helps to understand the skills you have to offer and how they may help different organizations. Other essential factors to consider: the amount of time available, the amount of money you are willing to contribute, and what opportunities you find the most exciting. 

Finding a Board of Directors

Next comes finding a board of directors to join. There are several ways to go about this step. One could rely on word of mouth (friends and family recommendations), ask around in organizations they’ve worked with previously, or check out job posting boards. Believe it or not, volunteer opportunities can and do show up on local job listings.

Remember, when you’re just starting, it may not be possible to jump right to joining the board of directors for your favorite nonprofit. Sometimes you have to work your way up the ladder. So instead, consider signing up as a volunteer, joining a junior board, or registering for volunteer management opportunities. 

Research & Reaching Out

The next step in this process is reasonably self-explanatory. One will have to reach out to the organization they’re interested in joining. While reaching out, it helps to do a little extra researching on the organization. This helps ensure that goals and skills are appropriately lined up.

Ideally, the organization will have a clearly defined process for recruiting new members. This will make the whole process go smoothly and allow for a clear understanding of expectations and requirements.