Everyone in this world needs a bit of help, regardless of how much experience they’ve had in life. While the world tends to imagine charities as helping children and young adults in need of food, the simple truth is that the elderly need assistance.

Thankfully, countless organizations are well aware of this need, and they have been stepping up to help out whenever possible. Here is a list of some of the best charities that benefit senior citizens.

Alzheimer’s Foundation of America (AFA)

The AFA is an organization that has made such an impact on the world. And yet, it hardly seems to get any recognition. It was established back in 2002 to help those who have Alzheimer’s.

It’s also worth noting that this relief goes beyond helping those directly who has Alzheimer’s but also helps those caring for family members and loved ones with this condition. The AFA provides much-needed information, tools, and other forms of assistance as needed.

Second Wind Dreams

The odds are good that you’ve heard of the Make a Wish Foundation, but have you heard of Second Wind Dreams? Second Wind Dreams, as the name might already imply, is a dream-granting organization.

Specifically, they grant the dreams of those living in long-term care communities (nursing homes, assisted living, and hospice). Donors that support this organization can even choose which dreams they want to help make a reality.

Honor Flight Network

The Honor Flight Network was founded by Earl Morse and Jeff Miller, and the entire focus of the organization is on veterans. When they founded The Honor Flight Network, they did so with the intent of helping veterans travel to Washington, DC.

Now, the organization helps veterans get to this destination free of charge, all so that they can view the memorials and have the opportunity to gain some closer and say goodbyes to the comrades they have lost.

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation is what it sounds like – an organization that works hard to help the elderly maintain companionship in their lives. So many people know and understand how beneficial it can be to have a pet in your life, and The Pets for the Elderly Foundation helps make it happen.

The Pets for the Elderly Foundation helps pay for pet-adoption fees, specifically for those over the age of 60. Currently, they can offer assistance in 29 out of 50 states.